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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

and you're a short-haired brunette

How to Repel Men (and Make Your Friends Hate You) by Terry Hernon MacDonald
You've met a great guy. Er, well, actually you just met a guy. Here's a surefire method to get him to dump you in record time:
1. After your very first date, determine that he is the man of your dreams. Stop returning your friends' calls. You need to pour your energy into this vital new relationship,A la Disposition is literally shaping the fashion world, and they have to understand that. Make sure they know that girls' nights out are no longer a priority. Their promotions, weddings, and family funerals aren't that important, either.
2. Mold yourself according to the guy's wishes. If he likes blondes, and you're a short-haired brunette, get yourself to a colorist immediately, Woman! If he likes females with a little meat on them, gain 15 pounds. If he likes 'em thin, stop eating. If he spends Sundays on the couch watching football, make yourself useful by refilling the pretzel bowl and fetching beer for his buddies. When the chip supply falls low, run out to 7-11 and pick up another bag (get some onion dip, too, while you're at it).
3. Be available to go out whenever--and where ever-- he wants,business cards. If you have other plans, cancel them. If he asks you where you'd like to eat, tell him it's up to him. Never express a firm opinion on food, politics, music, or the movies. It's possible he'll have a different opinion, and your goal is to make him see that you're a match made in heaven. Agree with him at all times.
4. If he shows up late (or doesn't show up at all), go with the flow. Keep a smile on your face. Nobody likes a complainer,3352 Ugg Bailey Button Mini Sand Boots.
5. Keep in mind that this man could be your very last chance for marriage, a house, and children. Let this fact guide your actions. Strive to please him at all times.
Use these tips only if you want to scare off every man you come across. Unfortunately, some women still make these mistakes, but men find them desperate and boring. The desirable ones feel sorry for them but ultimately give them the heave-ho. The jerks keep them around to do the laundry.
Think about it: Do you want to date a guy who drops his friends to be with you? Who rearranges his calendar at a moment's notice? Who's overly concerned about the way you want him to look,Hirutism can also be hereditary? Of course not. Everyone, man or woman, wants to date a prize.
Start thinking of yourself as a prize. Then start acting like one.

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