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Friday, November 9, 2012

8. Whether I look for opportunities or obstacles I find what I'm looking for.

10 Top Beliefs of Super Successful People by Mark Edward Duin
There's really only one major thing that separates successful people from those who are trapped in mediocrity or failure. So, what is this "one thing"?
You see success is not determined by circumstances or luck or even hard work. Success is primarily determined by what you really believe,see the movie Matrix for a great metaphor, deep down, about yourself. Here's the proof
Today I am compensated in 6 figures, have a 19 year successful marriage to my one and only wife,3352 Ugg Bailey Button Mini Sand Boots, own a self improvement business and have a list of great accomplishments longer than my 6',3" little brother,How do you process a Decision. All this in spite of the fact that I'm a former 9th grade drop out and homeless drug addict, who didn't even get a GED (high school equivalency) till the age of 27! So, what "one thing" made the difference and turned me around?
The major differences I've observed in others and that I've personally experienced between these vary different levels of failure and success are found in fundamental belief systems.
Here are 10 common beliefs owned by some of the most successful people I've ever had the pleasure to encounter. You may want to incorporate these into your own belief system!

1. I believe I am 100% responsible for my own life.
2. Whether I believe I can or I can't my results equal my belief.
3. I believe failure is a great teacher that leads me closer to success.
4. I believe no task is too small to give my best effort.
5. I believe it's what I know and who I know.
6. I believe in asking "What can I do right now to make things better?"
7. I believe in valuing and respecting self and others equally.
8. Whether I look for opportunities or obstacles I find what I'm looking for.
9. I believe in something greater than myself.
10. I control my thoughts, my thoughts control my beliefs," This is very important, my beliefs control my actions, my actions create my success or failure.

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